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Upcoming Hackathons:
Online Hackathon (June 27th) All Girls

The virtual revolution is here !!!

Hackathons are 12-hour long event on brainstorming, coding, and solving problems that one faces in the real world.

we all believe to be living in the golden era of humanity. 
However, it is up to us, the dreamers and the innovators, to turn imagination into reality, 
and further society's growth

On the 27th of June 2020 we will host our first ever online hackathon,where participants can develop projects and pitch their ideas before the judges.

To help you prepare for the event we are holding a  series of webinars intended to hone your hackathon and programming skill.


Hackathon Details:

We'll have exciting Prizes and Swags !
Accomplished Keynote Speakers! 

Deb Briggs

Cybersecurity Expert Executive

Deb Briggs  is currently the Chief Security Officer at NETSCOUT Systems location in Westford, MA, where she has been in this position the last ten years of her 16 year career at NETSCOUT.   She is also a Vice President on Family Services of the Merrimack Valley Boards of Directors, a non-profit social service agency engaged in game changing work which helps children and families live their BEST lives.


Ms. Briggs has over 25 years of experience in IT and information security in high technology and healthcare organizations; the last 16 years at NETSCOUT.  She is committed about taking a risk based approach that focuses on protecting the company.  Additionally, she serves as a co-chair the MassTLC security council.  MassTLC is the largest tech association in Massachusetts where peers get connected, and learn from other industry leaders.


An experienced IT Security leader, Ms. Briggs providing executive leadership, vision and managerial oversight in development and implementation of cyber security strategy to define state-of-the-art policies and processes that establish consistent, effective information security practices and minimize risk

Ally Huang,PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT

Program Lead at miniPCR bio (Amplyus) and co-founder of BioBits

Ally first discovered her passion for biology and engineering growing up in Minnesota.
She then received her B.S in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins and her PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT, with a thesis focused on making molecular and synthetic biology experiments accessible to classrooms and other educational settings.
She has always been passionate about STEM outreach and currently volunteers at the MIT Museum. She believes that everyone should have access to quality hands-on science education and is currently working at miniPCR bio to bring her accessible biology kits to classrooms around the world. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, golf, and food. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is an event that typically runs anywhere from 12-36 hours, bringing together people from all backgrounds and technical abilities. Reality can be anything you want to create. By brainstorming and implementing ideas, you learn and also enlighten others around you.

Who can attend?

Any student! However, our hackathons are designed for grades 7 to 12.

Do we need any coding experience to join?

No, we have mentors who are familiar with the industry available to help you :)

How are teams created?

Teams are self-created, meaning you can form your own teams. Teams can consist of up to 4 members per group. if you don't have a group, don't worry! We will make sure you are paired with the right people.

Are Ideas Important?

Ideas are arguably the most important aspect of any hackathon. We recommend spending at least half an hour on brainstorming an idea. If you get stuck; no need to worry! Star-Hacks mentors and volunteers will run brainstorming sessions for you to attend, which will help a lot.

What should I bring?

Just your Laptop Computer (Mac or Windows), android-based Phone or Tablet (if available), charger(s), ID. We will provide the rest :)

What is in it for companies?

We are offering help to streamline processes for hackathons. By doing this, the stress and work of organizing a hackathon is taken care by Star-Hacks team, who are veterans in hackathon logistics.

What if I want to help sponsor a hackathon?

Great! Sponsorships help create an impactful event. The sponsorship packet with the different levels of sponsorship is available on the Resources page of the website.

What if I have more questions?

Don't hesitate to email us at info.starhacks@gmail.com. We appreciate any feedback/questions!


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