The Hackathon

Brainstorming, Coding, and Solving Problems
8 Hours long
Prizes and Swag!!!

Star-Hacks is a non-profit hackathon event organization co-founded by Shaun Munshi and Abhay Silina, as a subsidiary of the "Shooting Stars Foundation". The main goal of Star-Hacks is to provide people with a chance to pursue what interests them. It could be coding, medicine, dancing, social work, etc. This organization chooses to support the person in their passion by introducing them to STEM academics. Research shows that STEM work is useful and appreciated in any field, and reaps major benefits. What better way to achieve this than through hackathons?

Hackathons are typically 12-hour long event on brainstorming, coding, and solving problems that one faces in the real world. In this current age, we all believe to be living in the golden era of humanity. However, it is up to us, the dreamers and the innovators, to turn imagination into reality, and further society's growth. The good news is that Star-Hackshackathon doesn't warrant you to have any prior experience in coding: just bring any laptop if you have, its respective chargers, and a winner's mindset.  This hackathon in Bangalore would be an 8-hour event. At the hackathon, we will provide workshops from skilled techies in the workforce who will help boost your interest and outreach towards technology and it aspects. As Brian Tracy once said, "There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking".


This Bangalore Hackathon is in collaboration with Sparsha Trust.

Lunch and Snacks
We'll have exciting Prizes and Swags !
We have accomplished guest speakers!


Q) What is a Hackathon?

A) A hackathon is an event that typically runs anywhere from 12-36 hours, bringing together people from all backgrounds and technical abilities.  Reality can be anything you want to create. By brainstorming and implementing ideas, you learn and also enlighten others around you. This hackathon would be for 8 hours.

Q) What is the purpose of this Hackathon?

A) The main purpose of this hackathon to generate interests of students towards STEM and use the funds generated to sponsor student(s) to pursue college education in STEM area.

Q) Who can attend the Hackathons?

A) Any student! However, our hackathons are designed for grades 9 to 12.

Q) Do we need any coding experience to join?

Q) How are teams created?

A) No, we have mentors who are familiar with the industry available to help you :)

A) We would to like teams made up of students across graded. Teams can consist of up to 4 members per group. if you don't have a group, don't worry! We will make sure you are paired with the right people.

Q) What would be the students doing?

A) Mentors and volunteers have worked on a setup of project/programs covering different areas such as AI,Robotics, leadership, logical reasoning. Student groups would need to pick the problems selected in these areas and address/program the same in the specified duration. Each of these problems are of different complexity levels.

Q) What should I bring?

A) Just your Laptop (if available), charger(s), ID. We will provide the rest :)

Q) What if I want to help sponsor a hackathon?

A) Great! Sponsorships help create an impactful event. The sponsorship packet with the different levels of sponsorship is available on the Resources page of the website.


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Q) What if I have more questions?

A) Don't hesitate to email us at We appreciate any feedback/questions!